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Free-flow Arnis Sinawali

Since I was a young boy, I was a complete nut for swords, blades and batons.
This video shows me practicing a free-flow drill of arnis sinawalis.
The movements are fluid, almost hypnotic.

August 21st, 2009
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Ferrocrete Rainwater Harvesting Tank Workshop

Plan Africa:
Plan Africa is growing network of Permaculture practioners in Africa working towards a Permaculture plan for our continent. It creates a platform for Permaculture in Africa to promote a new African economic and ecological revolution utilising available natural resources and available social capital.
Plan Africa promotes sustainable livelihoods utilising a package of solutions applicable to [...]

August 3rd, 2009
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GMO Risk: New Evidence Links CaMV 35S Promoter to HIV Transcription

Research published by ISIS suggests that CaMV35S promoter, which is allegedly used in most GM crops,is linked to enhanced transcription of HIV and other viruses. This can pose a severe threat to public health globally, as latent viruses, including HIV and viruses believed to cause cancer may be activated.
This is another example of how the [...]

June 16th, 2009
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Exploring Biosynergetics

Welcome to the Biosynergetics website.
Here we outline the concept of biosynergetics, which informs our philosophy and methods,
Our expertise and skills are discussed, and we also reflect on recent projects.
You will also find a broad collection of links to various relevant sites.

December 30th, 2008
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