Integrative Bio-Systems Design.

Energy - Solar, Wind, Biomass

Thin-film solar array

Thin-film solar array

Why renewable energy?

Our energy needs for heating, cooling, lighting and appliances are currently met mainly through fossil fuels.

Domestic, corporate & commercial power consumption is a big contributor to global warming through CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuel use.

In SA, the power grid infrastructure is no longer able to reliably bear the growing demand for energy, which has contributed to repeated power-cuts in recent years.

However, through clever building design, energy needs can be reduced significantly.

Using renewable energy sources, buildings can also generate energy for selected systems and appliances. This means that offices and homes can continue to run essential appliances despite power cuts.

How Open Synergy can help

Open Synergy designs custom renewable-energy applications that integrate a variety of products.

In some cases, we handle design and installation, in others, we assist our clients with the specification of appropriate products and service-providers.

We also specialise in working closely with design and construction professionals like civil engineers, architects, and project managers to develop solutions suited to your requirements.

Customized Renewable Energy

Renewable energy applications include:

Low-energy lighting systems

Insulation & Energy-Efficiency

Photovoltaic home energy systems

Photovoltaic pumping systems (for applications in landscaping and urban agriculture)

Solar-wind hybrid generators

Solar Water Heaters

High-efficiency woodstoves

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