Integrative Bio-Systems Design.



Landscape and Site

Site and landscape decisively shape the fundamental physical, biological and social conditions of the site.

Ecological landscape design (Ecoscaping) incorporates the shaping of the site and the establishment of appropriate vegetation. It sensitively tunes in to the specific conditions of a particular place, and integrates with the resource flows and physical structure of the built environment. We analyse and develop the site and its landscape in a way that allows an expression of the unique spirit of a place to evolve.

Landscaping and soil-management create a foundation for the sustainable and productive management of all other site resources. Ecoscaping enhances the aesthetics of indoor and outdoor spaces, addresses site challenges like erosion, scouring and waterlogging, and allows a building to integrate smoothly and sensitively with its environment.

  • Xeriscaping & Hard landscapes (drylands water-wise landscaping)
  • Permaculture & Edible Landscapes (transform the landscape into a forest of food and medicine)
  • Trellis & Pergolas (Shady, productive vines take advantage of the vertical dimension to create discrete and restful spaces)
  • Soil stabilisation, drainage & erosion control
  • Container Gardening
  • Hanging Gardens
  • Water-wise irrigation & Solar pumping systems
  • Water features

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