Integrative Bio-Systems Design.

Biodiversity - Life


The Role of Plants and Life

Plants and other life on a site play a major role in shaping and transforming that site’s influence on its inhabitants.

Vegetation can improve site conditions considerably:


Plants create shady, pleasant outdoor spaces which can be used for recreation, and can improve the climate within adjacent buildings.


Plants buffer ambient temperatures both during hot and cold weather extremes.


Plants transpire water drawn upwards through their roots, thereby humidifying the air and making it more breathable.

Air quality

Plants have an enormous surface area which allows them to act as living air filters that remove dust and pollution from the air.


Plants can be used to create visual barriers that provide greater privacy for residential, commercial and office purposes.


Densely planted hedges can act to slow down or divert extreme winds as well as downhill movements of frost. This can make outdoor areas more liveable and can improve a building’s thermal efficiency.

Erosion Control

The root systems of plants can help to fix mobile soils to prevent scouring and erosion by wind and water which could otherwise damage structures.

Soil building

Plants and other life improve the amount of soil biomass, thereby improving drainage and water retention as well as speeding up the growth of useful vegetation.

Food & Medicine

Landscaping can incorporate animal fodder, perennial fruit and nut crops as well as edible and medicinal plants. Landscapes can be designed to accommodate and facilitate urban agriculture. Productive ecoscapes can thus yield food and medicine for inhabitants, adding great lifestyle and health value.


Plants tap into the sun’s energy, storing it in the form of chemical energy which can be burned in woodstoves, fireplaces and biogas stoves to release energy for human needs.

Stress management & wellness

Plants exert a calming and relaxing influence on people, contributing to lower rates of violence, aggression, and stress-related ailments.

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