Integrative Bio-Systems Design.



Principles of Biosynergetics

Biosynergetics is a design method that aims to promote health and sustainability by aligning itself with the patterns of life.

Biosynergetics is a word composed of several roots:

Bio - Life, referring to our focus on living systems design

Synergetics - Systemic processes and technologies designed to elicit useful interactions between subsystems.

It is guided by basic organisational principles common to complex life systems:

Diversity - Living systems are composed of various functionally diverse elements or subsystems

Coherence - Subsystems are functionally integrated, their functions feed into other subsystems, each subsystem is directly or indirectly affected by every other subsystem, and affects all others in turn.

Complementarity - The processes within and resource exchanges between subsystems are complementary and reciprocal.

Complexity - The functional relationships between subsystems are usually multiple and complex

Feedback - Subsystems interact and provide each other with feedback which regulates and organises the system’s behaviour

Synergy - The complex feedback loops of multiple, functionally integrated subsystems gives rise to powerful synergistic effects

Self-Organisation - Living systems are self-referential, have “memory” and are capable of dynamically adapting themselves to their environment

Fractal Ecology - Living systems interact with other systems which in turn compose larger systems.

Growth - Living systems use the processes of functional integration, feedback and self-organisation to accumulate resources, grow, eventually replicate, and diversify over time as emerging niches are explored.

Evolution - Living systems co-evolve towards ever increasing diversity and complexity, constantly developing more effective strategies and designs.

Biosynergetics uses these principles to inform the design and assembly of living synergetic systems incorporating landscape, vegetation, people, the built environment, renewable energy technology and waste cycling technology. To enhance the environment that sustains human life and wellness, biosynergetic systems tap into, store, and transform natural resources in our environment.

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