Integrative Bio-Systems Design.

Jieng Chi - Essential energy

This, the foundation of San Jiao, represents the biological, generative aspects of Chi that regulate
the body’s physical processes of growth, sexuality and regeneration.

Jieng Chi is earthy, sexual, and physical. Jieng Chi is described as a fluid-like essence located most strongly in the sexual fluids, but also in other bodily fluids including sweat, tears, lymph, joint lubricants, and others.

Jieng Chi is often correlated with the energetic pattern underlying the DNA we received upon conception from our parents. It gives rise to the complex orchestra of intra-cellular bio-chemistry, the processes of growth, proliferation, cellular differentiation, and bio-systemic integration by which the body maintains homeostasis. Biochemically, hormones, enzymes, and transmitter substances play key roles in this process.

It is from this complex network of bio-chemical and electrical feedback-loops that the form and function of the body continuously unfolds. This unfolding of form and function is self-organising, and adapts itself dynamically to a constantly changing environment.

Using a plant’s life-cycle as an analogy, Jieng Chi can be likened to the seed which sprouts into the roots, which draw moisture and nourishment from the soil, and the stem and leaves, which absorb the energy of the sun and the CO2 of the air. The adaptive potential of the entire plant is contained in the seed.

Jieng Chi is seen to nourish and support Ren Chi, and is in turn governed or organised by Ren Chi. Through Chi Kung exercises, Jieng Chi is cultivated and refined in order to develop Ren Chi.

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