Integrative Bio-Systems Design.

Ren Chi - Human energy

Ren Chi is the second of the San Jiao and is often abbreviated to refer simply to Chi. Ren Chi is often distinguished into two types:
Yuan Chi and Jen Chi.

Yuan Chi - Innate energy

Yuan Chi is seen as the Chi that we are born with.
The Jieng Chi is considered as related to the genetic potential,
while Yuan Chi is seen to relate to the influences during the period of gestation
leading up to birth which influence the unfolding of genetic potential.

Jen Chi - Environmental energy

Our body-mind continuously obtains energy from the environment,
through breath, water, food, temperature and sunlight.
Jen Chi is transformed in our bio-energetic system to yield two further forms of chi:
Ying Chi (nourishing chi which circulates in the meridians to energise and regulate the functions of organ systems)
and Wei Chi (the defensive field of chi which surrounds and protects us).

Ren Chi is nourished by Jieng Chi, and Ren Chi in turn directs and governs Jieng Chi.
Ren Chi is said to nourish and support Shen Chi, while Shen Chi in turn directs Ren Chi.

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