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Shen Chi - Mental energy

Crowning the San Jiao, Shen Chi can be explained as the energy of awareness that sustains and energises the mind. The english term “mind” may suggest an excessively narrow focus on the intellect. Shen is a broader concept which includes refined emotions.

In fact, anthropologists, psychologists and neuro-scientists recognise that the intellect is only a very small and restricted part of the many different states of consciousness our mind can experience, with many competing mental processes running concurrently beneath the neat user interface of everyday consciousness.

Gary Khor emphasises that emotions are not necessarily negative qualities, but that they can be seen as energies that can be repressed, expressed, transformed or refined. By the bio-energetic landscape metaphor, repressed emotion can be compared to a blockage that may lead to stagnation, waterlogging, and eventually to flooding and erosion.

If emotions are cultivated and refined, they can be transformed into very beneficial qualities like perseverance, compassion, love, empathy and wisdom.

Shen Chi is nourished and energised by the Ying Chi that circulates through the bio-energetic network; it is nested in, interpenetrated and protected by the wei chi, or bio-energetic field. Shen Chi is said to direct Ren Chi in turn.

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