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Chi Kung Practice

Chi Kung consists of gentle exercises that coordinate awareness, visualisation, breathing and physical movements. The exercises are graceful, rhythmical, and usually executed slowly and with deep awareness. Chi Kung exercises can be external or internal.

Wei Dan Chi Kung

External Chi Kung involves visible physical movements like
bending, twisting, pulsing, stretching, shifting weight, and sweeping gestures with the arms.
They can be stationary, or they can involve stepping patterns.

Nei Dan Chi Kung

Internal Chi Kung involves using awareness, imagination and willpower to sense and direct
the circulation of Chi through the body’s system of meridians.

Synergetic Chi Kung

Our sessions present an eclectic menu of exercises based on a variety of different lineages or traditions incorporating both internal and external exercises. These traditions include Yang Style Tai Chi; Daoyin Yangsheng Kung; Wu Tang Chi Kung; Shaolin Breathing; Eight Brocades; and Fierce Animal Dances.

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