Integrative Bio-Systems Design.

Chi Kung and Martial Arts Training

We conduct regular training sessions in Chi Kung and Synergetic Martial Arts.

Chi Kung

Mondays 18:30-19:30 @ The Cottages, Highview Gardens, 30 Gill str Observatory

Tuesdays 17:30-18:30 @ George Lea Park Recreation Centre, Parkmore/Sandton

Saturdays 11:45-12:45 @ Studio Kairos, Rosebank bowling club, Hume Rd. 15 Hume Rd, Dunkeld West. Click here for a map.

Synergetic Martial Arts

Private training of select members only. Venue and time to be arranged on request.

Training gear: wear loose, comfortable clothing; bring a towel and some drinking water.

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