Integrative Bio-Systems Design.


holistichealthconceptBiosynergetics is a design methodology that promotes health by adopting an ecological view. We recognise that health and wellbeing is dynamic and multifactorial, the result of a synergy of different forces.

This means that the physical, natural, cultural and social environments all have significant impacts on health.

Conversely, peoples’ lifestyles and culture strongly influence the environments they live in.

We employ a two-pronged approach to health promotion - lifestyle coaching and ecological health promotion.

Lifestyle Coaching:

Our everyday habits of thought, perception, and activity constitute one of the most powerful forces shaping our health and our environment.Open Synergy focuses on lifestyle as a key area of work, offering consultation, workshops and coaching services relating to various aspects of lifestyle:


The human body and mind evolved for an active life of extremly diverse physical activity including gathering, hunting, and migration. Modern lifestyles have become increasingly sedentary, immobile, and virtual as people spend more time sitting, staring at computers, tv’s, and assembly lines. Physical activity keeps us dynamic, agile, flexible, and resilient both physically and emotionally.

Open Synergy provides training in Chi Kung and Synergetic Martial Arts. We are also keen supporters and practitioners of movement modalities like Nia and Biodanza.

Food & Eating

Evolution primed our bodies to maintain a healthy biochemistry based on ancestral dietary patterns. Our modern diets are far removed from these ancient patterns. You can enhance your dietary habits and promote health by re-aligning them with your evolutionary and cultural history. Read more..


The use of medicinal plants to treat health challenges is deeply ingrained in our evolutionary past. Open Synergy draws on ethnobotany and herbalism to provide coaching on the use of a range of herbs derived from African, European, and Oriental traditions. Read more…

Ecological Health Promotion

Ecological Health Promotion is based on the premise that major long-term benefits to health can be achieved by empowering people to re-design and rehabilitate the environment that they inhabit, interact with, and depend upon. To do this, we provide consultation and design services to assist with designing or retrofitting peoples’ living environment by incorporating ecological design and sustainable technologies.

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