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Ekukhanyeni Relief Project


Ekukhanyeni - Home of Light and Hope - is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that focuses on community upliftment in two poverty stricken informal settlements close to Johannesburg. In partnership with the local communities, this project supports some 600 vulnerable children by creating self-sustaining communities through its green and holistic design approach to community development.

Through its numerous sustainable technologies and lifestyles education, Ekukhanyeni is helping the adults in these impoverished zones to achieve (and sustain) food and nutrition security alongside providing effective early childhood care in ways which do not negatively affect natural resources and benefits human attitudinal and cultural systems in a positive manner.

This project has been active at grass-roots level in communities south of Johannesburg. It has developed long and committed relationships with local partners. Open Synergy has provided basic permaculture training, consultation, as well as health promotion through lifestyle, nutritional and herbal education.

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