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What is Chi?

chiwebChi refers to the universal vital energy that links all beings. It is said to emerge from the primordial void through the polarity of phenomena reflected by yin and yang.

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One Breath

The word is also commonly used in connection with breath. Many cultures and languages have concepts related to chi. The Latin word “spiritus” was closely related to “spirare”, breathing. “Spiritus” denotes spirit and breath, and was seen as the animating force of life. Yogic traditions recognise and skillfully cultivate prana as a universal life force closely related to life, health and consciousness. In isiZulu, “umoya” denotes wind, air, breath, and spirit. German “Atem” is related to the indo-germanic “atman”, or cosmic spirit.

Chi as Vital Energy

Chi is often translated as a vital energy, related to creation and life but it also has the quality of consciousness.
Energy denotes an inherent potential to effect change and transformation. Fascinating correlates with bio-electricity have been discovered.

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The Human Bio-energetic Landscape

Chi circulates within our bodies, but also flows between beings. Chi is often first experienced as a tingling or buzzing sensation, usually in the hands. This can be accompanied by a sensation of warmth or coolness, and with a subtle sense of attraction or repulsion reminiscent of a magnet.

Chi circulates through the body in a system of channels known as meridians, it also moves outside of the confines of the physical body, surrounding and protecting it. Chi-Kung practitioners have charted this bio-energetic landscape with a complex terminology referring to different kinds and “flavours” of chi. In human beings, the San Jiao, or Three Treasures, are considered key manifestations of Chi.

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