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Yin and Yang Polarity

Yin and Yang - The polarisation of the primordial void

All phenomena are considered manifestations of Chi in one form or another.
Taoist thought reasons that the myriad phenomena all derive from the
primordial cosmic void. This void polarised itself into the dualities characterised as Yin and Yang.
It is the tension of this polarity which gives rise to the movement of Chi
as a correlate of the process of balancing and integrating polar opposites.

This process of continual change and transformation
driven by the oscillating interaction of polarities is summed up by
the well-known symbol of the T’ai Chi.

This polarity manifests itself in many different ways:

day / night
hot / cold
light / dark
dry / wet
male / female
dissipating / collecting
rising / falling
hard / soft
expressive / receptive

In the process of constant change and transformation
initiated by the polarisation of the primordial void, many different manifestation of chi have

been differentiated by Chi Kung practitioners. The Five Phases of Transformation are a useful system to characterise different manifestations of Chi. Practitioners have developed a complex terminology to map out the bio-energetic landscape of the vital energy.

Exploring the following terms is a useful way towards understanding Chi intellectually:
Wu Chi - primordial cosmic energy
San Jiao - The three treasures of human vital energy
Bio-Electricity, Bio-luminescence and Ultrasonic Vibrations - Scientific Correlates of Chi

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